Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taiwan ~ Taichung Holiday Inn Express Hotel

My recent trip in Dec 09 was quite interesting. I had to travel alone via airplane from KLIA to Taiwan & need to get a High Speed Train from Taiyuon to Taichung which was about 45 minutes by train. Language boundary was a problem. Most Taiwanese having quite difficulty to talk in English. You need to ask around for direction in order to get to places.

Well, arriving after 4 hours in the flight was quite tiring. From airport i have to get a bus to High Speed Train (10-15minutes via bus). Then the HST takes about 45minutes to arrive in Taichung. I check in at Holiday Inn Express which is situated in the middle of the city. What can i say it was very cosy & comfortable hotel. One thing for sure its quite hard for me to find food. But i manage to get an enjoyable food experience after surfing the net.

The room was very spacious with nice clean bed. I can stay it's a 5 star room but the hotel is only 3 star i think. I have a quite nice view from my room as well. The TV is flat screen with an office table.

The bathroom was quite big & lovely. Well, its nicely done bathroom with quite relaxing shower area. Well, what more can i say, picture shows a thousand words.. Please refer picture above.

Overall :- Excellent hotel. Definitely will stay here if i come again. Simple breakfast & at least there's something for me to eat. (pork & others not mixed). They even have milo.

Rate :- Online booking is a must. The online booking rate was slightly less than walk in.

by anaklangkawi

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