Saturday, May 31, 2014

Setiu, Terengganu : Terrapuri Heritage Village



First heard of this place from my dear cousin few years back & since then I've been secretly digging up about it. What is so special about this resort that even my cousin from across the causeway had heard about? So we went for a short quiet getaway from the city last March to Terrapuri. I did all the reservation via email & they were very helpful & prompt. Thank you Ms Akmal & Ms Maslina.

We flew from KL to Kuala Terengganu, stayed 1 night at the city & drove a rental car the next day to Setiu. Terrapuri situated about 50km from Kuala Terengganu. The resort situated at the end of the road of Kampung Mangkuk, Penarik in Setiu, right in front of the beautiful setting of coconut trees & beach. Heaven on earth..

Once there, we rang the bell & the staff  will open the gate for u. The resort is very private & I was relieve & delighted because I have 1 thing less to think about during the vacation --> the safety of my "always-full-of-energy" kids. 2 boys (8 & 6) & 2 yr old girl.

Our room 'Dusun' was right in front of the pool. I started to feel the "I think I'm really going to rest" idea is going to materialize. The room was gorgeous, all wooden & antique & they even decorate the room with flowers!



The bathroom.. I don't have a word to describe it best. It just brilliant, beautiful, clean, comfortable & spacious.

The view of the resort at night was breathtaking! It was beautiful & quiet, just what we need..  

We had chosen the package with 2 meals (breakfast & dinner), but believe me, i gained weight just staying there 2 nights! They also send tea to our room in the evening. You don't have to worry about food there.

The staffs (all female) were very helpful & friendly. We were pampered like royalties & they tried to attend to our needs as best as they could. Thank you  Faizah & friends. 

I'm very impress & admire the owner's effort. All the houses were actually bought from original village owners all over Terengganu. He bought the house, dismantle it & rebuilt it back to its original design. The houses were name after their original location.The only additional was the bathroom which they beautify it to cater the guest needs. What I learn from the staff that the initial plan was to set a museum but somehow it became a beautiful resort instead. 

If you are into nature, architecture, & quiet (really really quiet) getaway, this is PERFECT place for you. Did I mention that there's no TV as well?

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